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Little Big Mountains

Little Big Mountains - Peaks of Banff

Little Big Mountains - Peaks of Banff

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Nestled along the Bow River amidst the Canadian Rockies, the Town of Banff is encircled by a crown of majestic peaks, each commanding its own attention. To the north lies Cascade Mountain, perhaps best known as the iconic mountain that lines up directly with Banff Avenue causing a cavalcade of influencers to block traffic. The postcard worthy Mount Rundle can be found to the town's east, whose best views are either from the nearby Vermillion Lakes or a couple beverages deep at the Banff Springs Golf Course. Southward, the rounded Sulphur Mountain is home to the Banff Gondola. Rumour has it that it was originally just a chairlift until someone took one whiff of the potent sulphur stench and realized it was best to be in an enclosed space. Finally, to the west lies the smallest of the trio of Banff ski resorts Mount Norquay. While it may not be as formidable as Sunshine Village or Lake Louise, "Ski Big 2" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Ski Big 3." 


While Banff may be overrun with tourists, these mountains make it pretty clear why that's the case. Luckily for you, we've packed all four peaks into a single frame with the bonus of little tiny Sleeping Buffalo Mountain (AKA Tunnel) as a nice bullseye in the middle. 




Dimensions: 155mm x 155mm (6.1" x 6.1") 

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