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Kamloops Backcountry Hikes Vol. 1

Kamloops Backcountry Hikes Vol. 1

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Hikes leading towards hoodoos, lava flows, lazy rivers, sparkling lakes, sheer cliffs, a 30 million year old canyon, kooky spires, silky soft silt bluffs, 360 degree views, big trees, active sinkholes, expansive grasslands, silent forests, spikey cacti, agile bighorn sheep, mule deer families, melodious meadowlarks, saucy magpies, soaring eagles, diving osprey, circling vultures and more. All within 32km or 35 minutes drive from downtown Kamloops. 

Kamloops Backcountry Hikes is an excellent resource for local and visiting hikers for its concise maps, easy to follow directions, stunning photos, and climate information that helps you prepare for a safe and fulfilling experience on the trail. Included are seasonal tips, wildlife safety, geology, some history of human settlement, a glossary, emergency contacts and more. 

Since 2008 Al and Mairi Budreau have hiked all around Kamloops, gathering and recording information from hundreds of Kamloops backcountry miles. Both from Ontario, the Budreau's mutual love of nature has brought together their talents of land surveying, photography, art, graphic design and writing into this practical easy to use guide.

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